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Clinical and Laboratory Facilities and methods

  RCT provides cardio-pulmonary diagnostic measurement to support its specialist clinical trials programme and biomarker research development. We have a comprehensive array of clinical and laboratory specialist techniques performed by highly specialised physiologists, technicians and research nurses.

CLINICAL Techniques
Single Breath Gas Transfer Factor (TLCO SB) corrected for Hb
Lung Volumes (Helium dilution)
Spirometry (Flow Volume Loops, Peak Expiratory Flow)
Cardio-Pulmonary exercise testing, including stress test

Echocardiography; including cardiac output; pulmonary pressures
Doppler Ultrasound including measurements of vascular flow
64 slice CT and PET CT for non-invasive CT coronary angiography
MRI & conventional X ray

Airway responsiveness to a range of agents
Inhaled allergen challenge; allergen
Exercise challenge
Bronchoscopy, bronchial biopsy, brushings and BAL
Induced sputum
Exhaled NO
Bronchial mucosal blood flow

Nasal challenge to allergen or LPS; nasal lavage; nasal biopsy
Acoustic Rhinometry
Nasal MRI (biomarker of inflammation)

Sputum processing and analysis
Biopsy processing and analysis (frozen)
BAL processing and analysis
ELISA/RIA and other colourimetric assays
Image analysis
Flow Cytometry

  Whole Blood assays
measurement of markers of inflammation
pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics on whole human blood
flow cytometry: activation markers, chemotaxis, and CD11b upregulation
chemokine levels using the Luminex bead array system

Nasal challenge assays
nasal lavage: cytology
nasal biopsy and brushing
Multiple array analyses for chemokines and cytokines

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